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Is a Solar geyser better that an electric geyser?

Solar Panel Lyttelton opened up in 2005 and have been in business for several years  We are the experts when it comes to all solar panel systems and supply all different solar panels that have different watts, usually the 2 main watts on a solar panel uses is the 100 watt solar panel or the 300 watt solar panel, however Solar Panel Lyttelton will advise on what the best option is needed and it is always taken into fact of what will be running off the solar panels.

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Solar panel Lyttelton

Cheapest solar panel price in the Lyttelton area

Solar Panel Lyttelton is very competitive in pricing and aim to make sure that our clients receive the best service and the most fairest price.  Although the initial installation is a bit costly, it will make up for it in the long run of all the money that you will be saving when it comes to your electricity bill.

Why is solar energy becoming more popular?

It is important to know that solar panels cannot collect energy over night and the energy is collected during the day as the solar panels are reliant on the suns energy to power it up. However the energy will last a full day and will then be recharged the following day at sunlight.  We offer flexible solar panels which allows the panels to rotate in the direction on the sun to retrieve the most energy at all times.

Solar panel Lyttelton

Well known brands of solar panels for sale in Lyttelton

Solar energy converts sunlight into usable energy.  Most common use for solar energy would be for a geyser. However in today’s time most households are fully functional on solar energy and it has saved them a lot when it comes to the electric bill.

For any back up we can install a solar panel battery to help when the weather conditions are not what it is expected to be.

Solar power system company in Lyttelton

Best solar system price in Lyttelton area

Solar energy does not release any pollutants and is a much more safer for the environment. Solar power reduces the consumption of power use for properties.  Solar energy is free, yes you read right, it is free because it comes directly from the sun. Solar Panel Lyttelton offers free site inspection and will give you a free quote. Solar panels can last up to 25 years which makes it the best choice when it comes to saving in the long run on your electricity.

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If you need more clarity on solar power then contact Solar Panel Lyttelton today.  We also offer these following services, Geyser, Plumbing, leak detection, handyman